The L.A. Collective

Performing Saturday, July 8

The L.A. Collective ft Adam Hawley, Greg Manning, Darryl Williams & Tony Moore

What is evident about the LA Collective, a contemporary Jazz group, is their musical persona galvanizes the stage with high powered energy and they delight in each other’s company which creates a palpable synergy. This group is comprised of four accomplished musicians, guitarist ADAM HAWLEY, drummer TONY MOORE, keyboardist GREG MANNING and bassist DARRYL WILLIAMS.
The LA Collective originally came together as a backup band for different artists on the 2014 Dave Koz Cruise to Alaska. However, the band’s success catapulted them into deciding they would be a permanent fixture in the Southern California contemporary jazz music scene. There is a raw energy to their sound, which is a blend of jazz, funk, Latin and soul. The group draws directly from the diverse talents of its members and the “collective energy” they manifest on stage. Their ability to switch effortlessly from one style to another comes from a shared passion for varying styles of music, plus each musician’s proficiency on their instrument.

The group is certainly no stranger to the music scene as they have been honing their skills for well over a decade by recording and touring with some of the biggest names in the music industry. The band has a sensational live show which has performed at The Moreno Valley Jazz Festival, The Market Creek Jazz Festival and various other venues throughout California. The songs have a lovely smooth, funky groove and the chemistry onstage comes naturally. The LA Collective just happens.